Home Lab v4.0…ish

When do you upgrade your home lab version? New hardware? New arrangement? I’m not really sure, so we’re going to go with v4.0.

This post is really just an overview of what the lab currently looks like and some of the functions it performs. A lot of it is more production than lab, so…labduction?

There she is, up there, in all of her cobbled together glory. And trust me, I’m cleaning up the cabling this weekend! I wish I’d known when I started what I know now, but I suppose that’s part of the reason we do this!


Top Shelf (Left to Right)

  • Old junk monitor for the random times I need to actually see something.
  • NETGEAR GS108Ev3 – It’s somewhere back there.
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw Printer shared to the network through a Windows Server 2016 server with a print server installed.
  • There’s also a Vornado Zippi ultra high tech cooling system zip tied to the top shelf and pointing down at the Qotom, Zotac, and switch. What can I say, I wanted them to be cooler.

Second Shelf (Left to Right)

Third Shelf (Left to Right)


Bottom Shelf (Left to Right)

  • APC Smart-UPS SMT1500R2X180 UPS
  • Dell OptiPlex 790 w/24GB RAM, 480GB SSD, 500GB HDD – Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V running other virtual machines (DC, Pi-Hole, Duo Authentication Proxy, NGINX Reverse Proxy and Web Server, Virtual Windows 10 Client

So, what’s next? That’s a good question! I’m hoping the process of writing this blog and hopefully some feedback from readers like you will lead me to some new and interesting things! Send me your ideas!


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